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At Autumn Hill, horsemanship is the most important part. That's why all of our horses are extremely well taken care of and 'spoiled' as you will. At AutumnHill we truly appreciate every horse, see their potential and work with them to develop what they are destined to become. We see through all of the vices that deem them 'problem horses' and strive to give them their place in this world. 


Deanna got her B.S. in Equine Studies concentrating in Riding Instruction and Training the Horse which allows her to access each horse or rider's current skill and potential. Her willingness to listen a rider and their goals paired with her determination and creativity to get them on track to achieving their goals are what makes Deanna stand out in the equestrian community. She specializes in working with difficult or green horses, knowing when to give them the extra time or the little push to give them that break through.

We teach lessons at all levels starting at age 5!


Not only do riders learn the skill set needed to be successful in the sport as well as in competitions, they also learn skills valuable for everyday life!

Have any questions? Be sure to give Deanna a call!

Deanna Pratt with student, Amber, after her win in the Finnegan Equitation Challenge at Willow Hill Farm's Fall Classic
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