Show Schedule 2021

December 13-15- Bruce’s Field

December- 19th- Derby Day @ Highfields A Rated

Jan 7-10- Highfields A rated

Jan 21-24- Bruce’s Field A rated

Jan 30-31- PSJ Highfields

Feb 12-14- Highfields A rated

Feb 17-21- WEC Ocala

Feb 27-28- PSJ Highfields

March 5-7- Highfields A rated

March 12-14- Highfields A Rated

April 17-18- PSJ Camden

April 21-25- Highfields A Rated

May 12-16- TIEC AA ratedOR Kentucky Spring AA Rated

May 18-23- Old Salem Spring 2 (NY) AA Rated

May 20-23- Camden CHJS

June 5-6- Camden CHJS

June 8-13- TIEC AA RatedOR Split Rock (KY) AA Rated

June 18-20- TIEC B Rated OR Split Rock (KY) AA Rated

June 26-27- PSJ Highfields

June 30-July 2- NCHJA Annual AA Rated

July 13-18- TIEC AA Rated

July 20-25- TIEC AA Rated

July 27-Aug 1- Blowing Rock AA Rated OR Camden CHJS

August 4-8- Blowing Rock AA Rated

August 12-15- TIEC A Rated

August 25-29- HITS Culpeper A Rated

Sept 8-12- HITS Saugerties A Rated

Sept 18-19- Camden CHJS OR  Marshal & Sterling Finals (NY- HITS Saugerties)

Sept 25-26- PSJ Highfields

Sept 29-Oct 3- TIEC AA Rated

Oct 1-10- Capital Challenge (MD) 

Oct 12-17-TIEC AA Rated OR Southeast Regional @ Highfields (PSJ) OR PA National AA Rated

Oct 19-24-TIEC AA RatedOR PA National AA Rated

Oct 26-31- WIHS Finals (Washington DC) AA Rated

Nov 6-7- PSJ Highfields

Nov 13-14- Camden CHJS

Nov 17-21- Jump For The Children in Raleigh AA Rated OR PSJ Medal & Derby Finals Highfields

Nov 27- Highfields Derby Day A Rated

Don’t Tell Wyoma won the USHJA 2’9 Hunte